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It is definitely not easy being a student these days. You may hear your parents telling you, "Students do not have to worry about anything! All you have to do is study hard!" But we all know that is a lie.

Students nowadays have a lot on their hands. We have to worry about our studies, our school activities, our extra piano/ballet/drawing classes, not to mention our social life. Sounds pretty hectic huh? But the worse part of it all is when you start falling behind your studies! As students, our top priority would be our academics, no doubt. But what happens when you cannot even get that under control? Is it time for you to seek additional help?

Here are some signs for you to know if it is time for you to attend extra tuition classes or get a home tutor in order to keep up with your studies.


1. You feel completely lost during a particular lesson.

You enter a class, ready with all your stationeries and notebook, preparing yourself to keep up with the lesson. However, once the teacher starts teaching, no matter how hard you try to stare at the blackboard, nothing goes into your head. It is not like you are distracted by some other thoughts, but rather, the teacher seems to be talking in a whole different language, and you do not understand a thing that he or she is saying. This is a pretty clear sign it is time for you to attend tuition classes or better yet, get a private tutor.


2. You are definitely slower in progress as compared to your peers.

There are certain lessons which are indeed more difficult to understand than others. When you and all your peers are feeling lost and unsure about the topic at hand, it is pretty normal. However, if most of your peers are able to keep up with the lessons and homework assigned, whereas you are still very unsure about your own understanding, maybe it is time for you to consider attending additional home tuition classes.


3. You did not have much interest in the subject to begin with.

Let's face it. We are not going to love or even like every subject that we need to take. Some of us love Maths, while the others love languages. Some of us love understanding Physics, while some of us prefer exploring History. After all, we are not made to be superheroes. If you feel you do not have much interest in a subject, and often get distracted or bored out during lessons, maybe you need a little extra help. Going for tuition classes, or having a private tutor can provide you with a clearer explanation, and perhaps even a whole new perspective on learning this subject that you may not necessary love in the first place.


4. You are losing interest in a certain subject.

We all know when you gain accomplishments in a certain area, you will be more willing to put in more effort. This is because everyone loves the sense of achievement. However, when you often feel you are not able to keep up with others, or you often do not understand a topic or subject, you may start to lose interest in learning. When this happens, you are stuck in a vicious cycle where you are no longer interested in learning, and your grades keep depleting, causing you to hate the subject even more. Before this happens, look out for signals that you are starting to lose interest in the subject. You may catch yourself more interested in doodling than paying attention during the lesson, or you would much prefer any other homework as compared to a particular subject. When this happens, it is time for you to consider seeking a private tutor and attend home tuition to regain your confidence in the particular subject.

5. Your grades are dropping.

This is, of course, the most obvious sign that it is time for you to attend tuition or seek help from a private tutor. When your grades for a certain subject is not on par with your own standards, or it is below average as compared to your peers, it is time for you to get some extra guidance from additional tuition. Teachers in school may be very dedicated to teaching, but when you are not able to catch up, there is nothing wrong with seeking some additional help. Tuition classes or home tuition can actually help you to be better equipped and help improve your understanding and achievements in a particular subject.


Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek additional guidance when you face situations as mentioned above. We are all humans, and we may be weaker in certain areas, especially in terms of academic achievements. As long as you are willing to seek the guidance you need, you will be able to keep up with your studies just fine.


If you are looking for home tutors in Malaysia, including home tuition in Penang or Johor, feel free to contact A+ Home Tuition Malaysia for the best private tutors as well as affordable home tuition rates. You will be guaranteed an effective learning process and the best guidance from the most experienced and well-equipped home tutors in Malaysia!

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