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You have finally decided to get a private tutor to guide your children's studies. After all, you know that getting a good private tutor would be a gift to your children in growing them up.
Great! Now the only thing left to do is to actually go out and search for one in your state, right?

But there are many cases where parents have gotten an unreliable home tuition teacher. You know what we’re talking about. Tuition teachers who arrive late for classes... Speak about the Malaysian timing! Tuition teachers who aren’t qualified and are just looking to make a quick buck. Or tuition teachers who did not stay updated to the current education syllabus.

See, there is actually so much to think about when getting a home tuition teacher. After all, it is very important to find a good private tutor for your child. You do not want to be wasting your child's time or even worse, making your child go through unnecessary anxiety and stress in learning.

So what are the key points to look out for when searching for a home tutor in Malaysia? Is it the teacher's experience? Is the teacher's qualification? Or is it the teacher's teaching methods? Or maybe it is a little bit of all?

It’s your lucky day as in this post we’ll add some helpful tips when it comes to hiring a good private tutor for your child in Malaysia.

1. Look out for the tutor's qualifications based on the specific subject.

private tutors qualification


A good tutor does not necessarily have to be well-equipped in all subjects and topics. If you are looking for a Maths home tutor, look out for the teacher's qualifications on that specific subject. As long as the teacher is qualified in that specific field, it will be sufficient enough for him or her to teach your child for that particular subject. On the other hand, it is important to note that a teacher who is very qualified in Maths for primary school students, may not necessary be well-equipped for secondary school Maths. It all depends on their own specific expertise.

2. Teaching experience is more important that qualifications.

Then again qualifications alone isn’t all that matters. We have met cases where a teacher has all the certificates and qualifications for teaching. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are good educators.
Qualifications are just a pre-requisite for a tutor to teach in that particular subject. It acts as a "passport" to certify that the teacher has the sufficient technical knowledge in that field. However, teaching requires a whole different set of skills. A teacher may be qualified in terms of certification, but they may have zero skills in explaining concepts and conveying knowledge to their students. Hence, it is very important to make sure that the private tutor has previous experiences in teaching, be it as a tutor or in school. It is essential that the tutor you are recruiting have teaching experiences in order to ensure an effective learning process for your child.


3. Pricing and affordability.

Home tuition rates Malaysia

We like to think education as an investment. But like it or not, pricing will always be part of the determining factor in choosing a tutor. However, it’s important that you look at value versus looking at price alone. A slightly more expensive tutor can be beneficial for your children if the learning time is more effective. A bad tutor may not only be wasting your time but can potentially kill your children's enthusiasm for learning.
Here are few more things to check, beyond pricing:

Payment policies

• What type of payment policies does the home tutor have? Some home tutor prefer taking upfront payments and some allow you to pay per teaching session.

Cancellation & Contract

• What will happen when you choose to discontinue a home tutor? Some home tutors require a 48-hour notice if you’re going to cancel. What if you have to change a class timing? Ask this information up front to avoid payment hassles in the future.


4. Go on a home tuition trial period with the private tutor.

This is the most practical tip for deciding on a private tutor for your child. After all the other considerations, allow the private tutor to have a chance to try out some classes with your child for about a month.
During this period, both you and your child can review on the suitability of the private tutor and your child. Remember all children are unique in their learning processes, so it does not mean that the best tutor for someone else will also be the best for your child.

Here is what to look for during the first few lessons: 

• Is the tutor able to cater to towards the problem your child is facing?
• Is the communication between the teacher and your child effective? Malaysia is a multilingual country, so this is something you should look out for.
• Does the home tutor come on time and give your children undivided attention during the session? Nobody wants a tutor who comes late and then spends his/her time scrolling through Facebook during a training session. Make sure you watch out for that.
• Does the tutor know the Malaysian education system well enough?

So allowing a trial period can give the best overview of a private tutor. Look out for positive improvement not only for your child's academic progress but also on their interest in the subject and enthusiasm for learning. Make sure to review the private tutor's attitudes and teaching skills. If all goes well, you can then surely decide to continue the home tuition lessons.


About Rates? Private Tuition Rate Malaysia


With these tips, we hope you can find a good private tutor to provide efficient guidance to help your child in regaining their confidence in learning and improve their academic achievements.

Remember that the rates of a tutor do not determine the quality of the tutor. If you’re wondering about rates charged by qualified home tutors in Malaysia, please visit the pricing table here: Private Tuition Rate Malaysia

A+ Home Tuition Malaysia is a convenient platform for you to find a good home tutor for your child, depending on your specific needs. That’s because we assist parents to match with qualified home tutors at no charge at all. With over 2,000 of registered private tutors with A+ Home Tuition, you will be guaranteed to find one that is suitable for your child's needs.

Now that you know what to look out for, find a home tuition teacher in Malaysia now.

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