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Are you a high-performing student who wants to earn some extra pocket money? Or are you an experienced school teacher looking for a part-time business? Or do you have a great passion for teaching children and helping them in their studies? If you are any of the above, I am pretty sure you have considered becoming a home tutor. 

After all, there seems to be a great demand out there. Many students in school are having difficulties in their homework and their studies and are looking for home tutors that can guide them in various subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, or even basic English or Bahasa Malaysia.

However, due to your lack of experience in teaching or business, you may feel intimidated by the large amount of competition out there. Besides, you may think to yourself, you may not be well-equipped enough to be educating the future generation. You may also think it is not easy to explain concepts to students that are feeling lost in certain subjects. There might also be some of you who is afraid of the responsibilities to guide students through their exams, especially in the important ones like UPSR, PT3, SPM or STPM. 

There are many other reasons that may be stopping you from taking up the challenge to be a professional home tutor. But today, we want to break it down to you, and help you see if you have what it takes to be a private tutor in Malaysia.

1. Dedication in Teaching.


The most important criteria for a home tutor is not about how many certifications or official qualifications you have. It is about your commitment and dedication when it comes to teaching. This means that you need to be passionate about teaching, as well as the subject you want to teach. In order to be a good private tutor, you also need to put your whole heart into it. This means preparing for classes, arriving at classes on time and not cancelling classes for invalid reasons. Hence, if you want to be a good tutor, make sure you are ready to commit and stay dedicated to your new job, part-time or full-time both.

2. Great Patience with Children.

If you want to be a tutor, you have to first understand, you will be guiding students who have difficulties in their studies. They may have been lost in the particular subject for quite awhile so you will definitely need more time and effort in order to guide them through. Besides, always remember that not all students are the same, so you may have to come up with different strategies in order to help them with their studies. If you are an impatient person, you will be losing your temper on these students or give up on them easily. This will do even more damage to their self-esteem and may make them lose interest in their studies completely. Be sure that you are patient in teaching, or at least be ready to take on the challenges to teach students who are weak in their academics without losing your patience.

3. Ability to conceptualise study materials.

Often students are having a hard time with a subject, it is because they lack understanding in it. School teachers need to cater to so many students, so they may not have the time and capacity to slowly break down the concepts for all the students. Because of this, some students may need extra guidance from home tutors like you. In order to help them better, it will be essential for you to break down complex concepts to bite-sized and easy to understand segments. Once you are able to break it down and explain concepts in simpler terms, this can help students process and understand the subject much better than before.

4. Ability to communicate well with children.

dedicated-home-tutors-A home tuition

As a home tutor, you will be spending a lot of your time tutoring children in small groups or in a one-to-one setting. Hence, a good rapport is needed to build a positive teacher-student relationship. When you are able to communicate well with children, putting them at ease and yet not allowing them to climb over your head, they will be in a conducive environment to learn. If you are too lenient, they may slack and procrastinate on their work. However, if you are too strict, they may feel very anxious during your lessons and may not have the courage to tell you if they are facing difficulties in understanding the lessons.

5. Willingness to learn.

You may think this final criterion to be a good tutor to be unconventional. After all, if you are going to be a private tutor, you are supposed to be doing the teaching and not the learning, right? No. Because to be a successful tuition teacher, you need to be willing to learn new strategies to teach your students, learn different skills and methods that can help your student's homework and exam preparation. In addition to that, the school syllabus is often updated, so you need to be willing to learn the new topics covered so you can stay on top of your game.

With these simple tips and qualities in order to become a good home tutor, we hope you have a better idea if you are ready to take up this profession. If you do not have all the qualities but is willing to learn, you can always improve your skills as you go along. Most importantly, you need to have a great passion for whatever you are doing, and you will definitely be good at it.

We hope these tips are helpful for those who are considering to be tutors. If you are ready to become a home tutor in Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur etc, in any subjects you are qualified in, you can sign up to be a tutor with A+ Home Tuition Malaysia.

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