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Exams coming up and feeling stressed out? Have a lot to cover for your studies but not sure where to start? Freaking out because you do not know how to prepare for your upcoming exams? 

Do not worry. We have got you covered.

Here are 5 very simple steps for you to follow in order to prepare for your exams. 


We hope this simple steps can help you with your preparations for upcoming exams. You can visit us for more study tips or request a home tutor to guide you through your studies

All the best. 

There was actually once a time when a working mother was highly frown upon. At that time, society perceives mothers who have careers to be irresponsible or neglectful of their children. Fortunately, times have changed and working parents are highly respected for their efforts of juggling work and family responsibilities.

 Just because most of us are working parents now, it does not mean it is any easier than before. You have your 9am-6pm job to handle, deadlines to meet, pressure from your bosses, heavy workload to manage etc. Then you also have your 24/7 job, which is being parents, that means making sure your children's needs are met, spending enough time with them, providing them with the guidance they need, and of course making sure they are coping well in school. Not to mention household chores that need to be done every single day. I guess working parents might have just outdone Superman, Wonderwoman, and The Avengers altogether.

Jokes aside, working parents indeed have a lot on their hands. As much as you love your work and families, it can be overwhelming and tiring sometimes. We are here to help you out.

Here are some reminders for you amidst your hectic schedules as working parents.

stress among students

With the upcoming exams coming up, it can get really stressful for students. "Leisure time" or "free time" has been robbed away from students as all the time they have left after school needs to be contributed to the crazy amount of homework and revision required. Not to mention, the high expectations of teachers and parents can be very overwhelming. The stress among students can be a nightmare indeed.

As parents, I understand you want the best for your children. You want to see them excel in school and reach their full potential. However, just like pouring too much water into a glass and it overflows, when there is too much pressure exerted on your children, it will cause them to feel burnout and completely lose interest in their studies. Hence, it can be really helpful for your children if you are willing to help them in dealing with the academic stress they have to face.

Here are some helpful Dos and Don'ts for parents so that you can help your children handle school stress, and at the same time, improve their academic performances.

"Why are you so lazy?", "Why are you not studying for your test?", "You are always watching TV!" etc, I am sure you have screamed all these at your children at least once in your life. Let us be really honest here. We do have a certain expectation for our children, especially in terms of their studies.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We expect them to reach their full potential and give everything their best efforts. But what we often forget is the pressure that our children are facing. Times have changed since the time we were in school. Competition is getting higher, school syllabus is getting more complex, exam stress is definitely increasing.

All of these can make our children feel overwhelmed and burnt out. This is why sometimes they fail to complete their homework, escape their studies by watching their favourite cartoons on TV etc.

Before you go into a full blown rage on your children, here are some pointers you may not know or realise about your children and their studies.

As parents, do you often feel like you are cracking your head to help find motivation for students? Or perhaps have you noticed that your child has been dreading school? Maybe they have been giving the very usual excuse of "I am not feeling well" in order to be absent from school? Or do they seem to be always in a grumpy mood when they get ready for school or do they simply hate the notion of attending classes in school?

If you have been nodding your head along to the statements above, let me first ease your worries a little. It is perfectly normal. Right after the mid-year school holidays, it is very common for children to dread going back to the school routine after two whole weeks of fun and games.

I am sure we have all been students before. Who would prefer waking up at 6am to catch the school bus, attend a whole day of classes, and come home to a pile of homework, than to waking up late and watching cartoons all day long? Even the most self-motivated students tend to get burnt out at some point. 

Hence, it can be very helpful if parents can do their part to help their children stay motivated in their studies! Parents often forget their very important role for their children, which is to be their children's ultimate cheerleader. Children rely on their parents for giving them moral support and are also their sole reason for working hard in school.

So what are the helpful things parents can do to help their children stay motivated in their studies?
Read on, and let us help you to help your children.

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